MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Governor Ron DeSantis took a shot at the Centers for Disease Control after a federal judge ruled in favor of the state in a lawsuit over whether the federal agency can set restrictions on cruise sailings.

Last week, U.S. Middle District of Florida Judge Steven D. Merryday concluded the CDC’s restrictions regarding cruising, which includes a high percentage of guests and crew being vaccinated for COVID-19, are likely unconstitutional and overstepping their legal authority.

“So in times when they go from being an advisory board to being a body that can actually shut something down, the courts have, I think, rightfully said ‘hold on, where is your authority to do that, you don’t have it’,” DeSantis said during a news conference in Jacksonville on Monday.

With his ruling, the judge agreed with DeSantis and set aside the CDC’s authority as of July 18, but left intact its regulations for resuming cruises as a ‘recommendation’. Team