By Mike Cugno

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Inter Miami CF midfielder Lewis Morgan sat down for an interview with CBS4′ Mike Cugno, to speak about the current season and what the team needs to do to improve.

Q: “I saw in an interview your bucket list item is to go sky diving. So, let’s start there. Have you been able to jump out of a plane yet?”

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A: “No not yet. I don’t actually know how the football club would take me doing that at the moment. So yea just a lot of golf at the moment in my spare time. I’ll have plenty of time for sky diving once I hang up the boots.”

Morgan hasn’t taken that big leap of faith just yet. But he dove right into a young franchise and became a household name last year, scoring 5 goals and recording 8 assists. He earned team MVP honors.

Q: “Were you surprised or you just knew you had that in you and you were ready for a big year?”

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A: “I think that’s probably a good way to put it – I was definitely ready for a big year. I had a couple of years of – not disappointments as such – but maybe frustrations of not playing at levels I knew I was capable of. It was something when I signed with the club it was a goal that I had in mind. It’s a goal that I have, not just as a year objective, but every day in training I want to be the best player.”

Now, as one of the best players for the club, Morgan has to identify why they’ve gotten off to a slow start, losing 4 of their first 8 matches of their second season. He says talent is there but the
attitude has to follow.

“What are we like when the game goes against us? And recently when we’ve maybe had a setback we haven’t really bounced back having won. These little things that we are trying to help to do better and I’ve seen a great reaction from the team. We obviously had a bounce-back game behind closed doors against Toronto and the guys looked great. It’s just about taking our training performances into games and really having that belief,” said Morgan.

As Morgan mentioned, Inter Miami recently beat Toronto in a closed-door scrimmage. They’re hoping to use that as a jumping-off point for the next part of their season.

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“Having these few weeks to really focus on improving and taking what we achieved in the first 8 games of the season, the games we’ve done well in, and why we’ve done well in those games and try to replicate that going forward. I think we’ve made the best use of the time afforded to us and I think we’re just looking forward to getting back to the games and hopefully righting some wrong of the previous DC game.”