By Dave Warren

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In addition to hurricane season and the rainy season, there is another weather phenomenon we experience here in South Florida this time of year.

The Saharan Dust season is also underway and can go all the way through August.

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Plumes of dust come off Africa and can make the long trek across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean, and end up here in South Florida and the Gulf.

The current surge of dust is on the strong side and will be moving into South Florida by the middle of next week.

As the dust layer moves across the Atlantic it can dry out the atmosphere and limit the number of storms that develop.

Fewer storms mean tropical activity is limited or even eliminated while the dust layer moves through the region.

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It’s what is happening now over the Atlantic and parts of the Caribbean. Easterly winds will continue to move the dust plume and bring it here by the middle of next week.

Hazy sunshine to even a milky-looking sky is what we can expect here. It is still possible to get storms those days depending on how much dust makes it here. If warm moist air rises into the drier air with a storm it can even create stronger wind gusts. A few storms are possible next week.

In the Western Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center is forecasting an area of low pressure to develop early next week. Development potential remains low and it will stay in the Western Gulf as it slowly moves north or northwest.

Look for hazy skies later next week and stay alert for storms to develop.

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It is still possible even with Saharan Dust present for those that do develop to have the potential to be strong with gusty winds and downpours.

Dave Warren