MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A new twist to the vaccine controversy at Centner Academy. A meeting was held Thursday afternoon with parents after a teacher told a fifth grade class not to hug their vaccinated parents.

Centner Academy is a private school run by Leila Centner, who had threatened to fire teachers who got vaccinated. She cites wild conspiracy theories about the vaccine, claiming, for instance, that people who are vaccinated are a danger to those around them because they “may be transmitting something from their bodies.”

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A parent told CBS4’s Jessica Vallejo, off camera, that Centner stood by her words.

But others said she backtracked some.

“She is saying to just wait. She is saying just wait,” said parent Sara Dagan.

Another parent said teachers will not be fired if they got a vaccine. However, Centner didn’t state they will be allowed back into the school building.

“They are being asked not to. But there are plenty of teachers that have the vaccine. There are plenty of parents that were in the meeting that were vaccinated and they are welcomed,” the parents said.

Another parent, off camera, told Vallejo that Centner said in the meeting that she has ties with philanthropist, who says within months Pfizer will state its vaccine is unsafe.

However, there is no evidence to support the idea that Pfizer plans to say their vaccine is unsafe. This is simply a rumor with no basis in fact.

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“If you get vaccinated they are suggesting that you can be giving off some kind of infection or disease. I mean just not true. So I filed an amendment that prohibits any business in the state of Florida from doing that,” said State. Sen. Jason Pizzo.

While that parent was very unhappy, a majority who attended the meeting supported the school’s leader.

“Our administration is very strong and our community is united,” said Dagan.

The controversy started with this email from a 10-year-old girl stating, “Hola Mami,” the child wrote. “[The teacher] is telling us to stay away from you guys and not hug you for more than 5 seconds. She is also saying we should not get the covid vaccine.”

The girl’s fifth grade math and science teacher at Centner Academy told the children the COVID vaccine was dangerous.

The child’s mother had told CBS4 News, “I don’t have words to describe how my stomach dropped when I saw her email.”

In response to this controversy, Pizzo introduced a measure into the Florida Senate to prevent any business, government entity or educational institution from moving to “reject a person entry, because the person is vaccinated against COVID-19.” But the amendment was denied.

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“It is sad. My understanding is the House did not want to take it and the governor’s office was not for it either,” he said.