MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There were over 60 bullet casings found in the aftermath of a drive-by shooting that killed 3-year-old Elijah LaFrance at his own birthday party.

Miami-Dade Homicide Detective Kevin Thewell released a video with more details about the tragedy which took place Saturday night around 8:00 p.m. outside a rental home near North Miami Avenue and NE 158 Street.

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“Elijah was standing in the doorway of the residence while his parents and other family members were cleaning the front yard. During that process, unknown subjects armed with various semi-automatic weapons to include rifles, arrived on the scene and began discharging the firearms towards the residence, ultimately striking and killing Elijah LaFrance.”

(Source: Miami-Dade PD)

Elijah’s aunt was the first to discover he had been shot. They attempted to do CPR and when officers arrived, they immediately transported him and his parents to a nearby hospital, where he passed away.

“While doing the canvass and processing the scene, there was over 60 casings. This was indespicable. This was careless,” said Det. Thewell. He called the shooters “cowards” for taking the life of a 3-year-old child.

“This was supposed to be a peaceful gathering. It wasn’t anything that was broadcast on social media. It was just close family members and friends. We do not know who these subjects are.”

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Help from the community is critical to this investigation.

“I don’t care if you heard something on the street. I need somebody to call Crime Stoppers. Anybody. This is a 3-year-old and I know there’s somebody out there knows something.”

The department, led by Police Director Freddy Ramirez, says the entire power of the force will be used to find the killer or killers.

“As a member of this community, I’m completely devastated. I’m disgusted,” said Dir. Ramirez. “When we talk about accountability, when are we going to hold ourselves accountable for what’s going on in our streets each and every day? This is ridiculous. And I can assure you to the family, my condolences to the family and I can assure you that all the resources of the Miami Dade Police Department will be deployed to bring these subjects into custody.”

Det. Thawell says the department won’t stop until all subjects involved are in custody.

“This was a 3-year-old. You owe it to the family. We owe it to the family. I’m a homicide detective and this is what we do. And right now, we’re asking for the community’s help. Please send us any information.

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The reward for information leading to an arrest in this case is at $15,000. Call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS if you have information. You can leave a tip anonymously. Team