By Hank Tester

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Biden administration has extended the federal eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021 – a reprieve again for renters behind in their payments.

But come July 1, Brian Carberry says, “I think the main thing people need to remember is that just because the moratorium is being extended does not mean that renters won’t have to pay back some of that back rent that they owe.”

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Carberry is the managing editor with, a nationwide renters location service, which has a huge rental database.

“If they are unable to pay their rent now, next three months they are not going to be able to pay rent,” he said. “And come June they are just going to owe more money in the end.”

Stimulus funds might help, unemployment checks might help, local and state programs may help slice into the renters’ obligations. But as we have learned from food distribution agencies, it takes 18 to 24 months for the out of work to recover when the economy picks up.

“When this moratorium ends, there are going to be people who owe thousands of dollar in back rent. There is not a good way to help people out,” Carberry said.

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And there are the landlords – big corporations with mega loans who have started eviction paper work. Mom-and-pops are also in the money crunch with mortgages to satisfy.

“Pop landlords, renting out a room in their home, whatever, they still have a mortgage to pay. If they depend on that rental, they are hurting as well,” said Carberry.

It’s not a pretty picture, especially for Miami-Dade and Broward residents, where rents are already high and economic sectors, like tourism and the service industry, are still struggling,

On the horizon is the potential, Carberry says, “At the end of the day, to recoup that money, you may see some of the landlords increase rent when it is time to do so to recoup some of that money.”

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Behind on rent? In danger of being evicted? You need to get your financial ducks in a row now. Applying for help is complicated, which is why we’ve compiled these resources: