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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – So, what’s up with auto dealers in the time of COVID?

General Manager at Midway Ford, Nestor Mena says, “COVID has changed our business quite a bit, SUVs for families have really skyrocketed for us. Full-sized pickups as well.”

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As things are slowly returning to normal, more than a few folks have taken to the highways for family getaways.

“People are taking longer trips and utilizing their vehicle for that, rather than flying,” said Mena. “The seven-passenger vehicles, SUVs, and vans are performing well for us.”

And at Midway Ford and other Ford dealerships, another COVID impact.

“Uptick in Ford deliveries, Amazon has bought hundreds of vans for home delivery, touch-free delivery because of COVID, food delivery service door dash or other companies that are out there.”

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No surprise to auto analyst Karl Brauer that SUV’s are big sellers in the time of COVID.

“When there is turmoil, upheaval in the world, I think people feel more secure when they have a larger, stronger, vehicle that can do more things… carry a lot of people, cargo or tow something,” says Brauer.

So, you would think in Miami-Cade County the big rigs would be selling fast.

“We see this heavy skew in Miami towards fun sporty luxurious more premier cars, versus hardcore functionality,” said Brauer.

What are the fast sellers in Miami? Taking the top spot is the Lexus 350. At number 2 is the Toyota RAV4. At number 3, the Chevy Corvette. The fourth spot goes to the GMC Canyon. The fifth spot goes to the Subaru Forester.

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Nationally, Brauer says the fastest sellers are the big SUV’s and pickups. Team