MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Representatives from FEMA, the Florida Department of Emergency Management, and the department of defense got a first-hand look at the federally-supported vaccination site at Miami Dade College North Campus on Friday.

That site, and its two rotating satellite sites, opened March 2nd. Since then, more than 93,000 people have gotten at least one shot at them. Now the focus is finishing up with the second shot.

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“It feels good, definitely. I just feel like I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now,” said Monica Asencio, who received her second shot at the Miami Dade College campus.

Vaccination sites across Florida will be open to more people beginning on Monday, March 29th, when those 40 and older become eligible. On the following Monday, April 5th, vaccinations will be available to those 18 and up.

“Hopefully things can start going back to normal,” said Asencio.

Dinah Dorvil is a teacher who also got her second vaccination shot at the Miami-Dade College North campus.

“I’m happy I came early. My appointment was for 7 p.m. tonight and there there was no wait,” she said.

Florida’s Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz said they’re making sure everyone has good access to vaccinations.

“Examining, obviously, all the different things the state is doing to ensure that our underserved, our socially vulnerable, our minority communities are getting access to the vaccine,” he said.

Dorvil said the key to getting more people vaccinated is education.

“Even I was apprehensive in the beginning but you know you have to do your research,” she said. “I changed my mind and decided I would get vaccinated after all.”

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Moskowitz said it will be interesting to see what kind of demand they are going to have next week when the age eligibility drops to 40 and older.

“We’ll see when we lower the age what kind of demand we’re going to have. We’re not going to have the same kind of demand we had in the 65 and older group. We’ll see what kind of demand we have,” he said.

He added the goal is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. The state plans to review how sites are run.

“When we get to April 5th, where there’s going to be a lower age range, 18 and older, we’re looking to take more sites to walk-ups and get rid of the appointment model,” he said.

Moskowitz said the community outreach will continue, taking shots directly to underserved communities.

“We have sites all over the place now, Overtown, Hialeah. We’re opening up a lot more of these smaller sites, bridging the digital divide, taking the computers out of it, come when you want,” he said.

The bottom line for many who are opting to get vaccinated, they want life to get back to normal safely.

“I feel that it’s going to give us a more sense of normalcy around. We’re not going to be very paranoid when you hear a cough or sneeze. It makes us feel more at ease having been vaccinated,” said Raixa Rafuls.

Floridians are encouraged to pre-register for a vaccination by calling: 866-201-6313, or 844-252-2003 for TTY users. Pre-registration can also be done by going to Once pre-registered, they’ll be contacted when the vaccine is available in their area.

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Vaccines are also available at these locations.

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