By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – West Miami police say they are on the lookout for some serial burglars who may have victimized people in other cities as well.

They have released new surveillance tape to CBS4 from the latest incident on Monday morning that shows a male and female working together as $3,000 worth of plumbing and electrical tools are taken from a contractor’s truck.

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It happens just after 4:10 a.m. outside his home at SW 61 Avenue and 20 Street.

In an exclusive interview with Major Pete Delgado of the West Miami Police Department, Delgado told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that “I am sure other neighboring cities have been struck by them as well. We are speaking with police in other cities and what is concerning is these serial burglars actually made a number of attempts earlier that same evening.”

The car West Miami PD said the serial burglars arrived in. (Source: West Miami Police)

In the surveillance tape, you see the male and female arriving in a car. Delgado believes they are also working with at least one other accomplice. The male and female split up.

Delgado said, “The male sees a pickup truck with lots of extra tools in the bed. The man gets up in to the pickup truck and removes the tool box. It contains plumbing and electrical tools.

A closeup of the male serial burglar. (Source: West Miami Police)

Delgado added, “What they do is sell them on the black market or on Craig’s List or market places where they do not ask for any receipts to sell them.”

Pedro Garcia said the serial burglars have taken a terrible toll on his business.

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“I am in shock because they took all of my equipment. I don’t have anything to work with,” he said. “This has never happened to me before. This was $3,000 worth of tools. I just finished paying them off in December. I’d like to see them caught.”

Delgado said of the burglars that “They are both probably in this late teens of 20s. The male is heavy set and was wearing shorts and a light-colored shirt.”

The female and male serial burglars West Miami PD is looking for. (Source: West Miami Police)

He added, “We are hoping someone can identify this one person based on the video. What concerns us is that same night they went to other locations in our city and tried to open up other cars as well.”

Delgado is eager to capture the burglars.

“That’s twofold,” he said. “If they are not caught, they are going to continue and number two, the brazen attitude. The male subject does not have anything on his face. The female tells him he is looking at a surveillance camera. He doesn’t care to be identified. They are very nonchalant about the whole thing which makes us believe this is a repeat pattern for them.”

“What would it mean for you to get them off the street?” asked D’Oench.

Delgado responded, “It would allow our citizens to sleep better at night and that way we get these people off the streets and there is no more crime.”

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Anyone who recognizes the serial burglars should call West Miami Police at (305) 266-0530 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

Peter D'Oench