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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Do you have a lucky rabbit’s foot or lucky penny? Do you throw salt over your shoulder? Do you think it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

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new report on luck, released by a Wisconsin casino after analyzing Google search data, revealed that 65% of Americans are superstitious.

However, there’s a big divide when it comes to belief in good luck versus bad luck. with 83% of people saying they believe in good luck while only 50% believe in bad luck.

The report also ranked the top superstitions in each state.

Throwing salt over your shoulder was the most common superstition. It ranked first in 17 states.

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But not in Florida. The top superstition in the Sunshine state is good luck ladybugs.

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When a ladybug lands on you, it’s considered a sign of good luck since you will be granted more patience and fewer burdens. Bug superstitions even say that if you are ill when a ladybug lands on you, it takes the illness away.

Nationwide, believing that “bad luck comes in threes” is the second most popular superstition.

The third most common term was a tie between “lucky rabbit’s foot” and “Friday the 13th.”

The casino’s analysis included more than 200 different superstitions associated with both good luck and bad luck.

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Here’s a look at the most common superstitions in each state:

  • Alabama: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Alaska: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Arizona: Owls are bad omen
  • Arkansas: Throw salt over shoulder
  • California: Lucky pennies
  • Colorado: Friday the 13th
  • Connecticut: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Delaware: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Washington, D.C.: Friday the 13th
  • Florida: Ladybug landing on you
  • Georgia: Good luck ladybug
  • Hawaii: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Idaho: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Illinois: Good luck horseshoe
  • Indiana: Lucky rabbit’s foot
  • Iowa: Lucky pennies
  • Kansas: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Kentucky: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Louisiana: Lucky rabbit’s foot
  • Maine: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Maryland: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Massachusetts: Four leaf clover
  • Michigan: Lucky prime numbers
  • Minnesota: Friday the 13th
  • Mississippi: Lucky rabbit’s foot
  • Missouri: Lucky prime numbers
  • Montana: Bad luck comes in threes
  • Nebraska: Bad luck comes in threes
  • Nevada: Lucky prime numbers
  • New Hampshire: Bad luck comes in threes
  • New Jersey: Good luck ladybug
  • New Mexico: Lucky prime numbers
  • New York: Black cat crosses path
  • North Carolina: Black cat crosses path
  • North Dakota: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Ohio: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Oklahoma: Owls are bad omen
  • Oregon: Owls are bad omen
  • Pennsylvania: Good luck ladybug
  • Rhode Island: Throw salt over shoulder
  • South Carolina: Black cat crosses path
  • South Dakota: Bad luck comes in threes
  • Tennessee: Friday the 13th
  • Texas: Lucky pennies
  • Utah: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Vermont: Bad luck comes in threes
  • Virginia: Friday the 13th
  • Washington: Lucky rabbit’s foot
  • West Virginia: Throw salt over shoulder
  • Wisconsin: Bad luck comes in threes
  • Wyoming: Throw salt over shoulder Team