FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – It’s a world most of us have never seen as “Ancient Caves” takes viewers far beneath the surface of the Earth. The epic and beautiful IMAX film is narrated by Bryan Cranston and is directed by Jonathan Bird. It took four years to make, shooting all over and under the world.

“We ended up in caves in Mexico and the Bahamas, France, and even in caves under Death Valley in Nevada,” said Bird. “They are one of the most precious places to find information to find about the ancient climate.”

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“One visionary scientist is on an epic quest to understand Earth’s climate,” said Cranston during the narration.

“Ancient Caves” follows Dr. Gina Mosley as she explores stalagmites one thousand years old.

“She just has great adventures and we get to follow along to places most of us will never ever get to go. You get to experience these places and learn about science in such a great venue,” Bird said.

These remote places have never been shot on IMAX before.

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“The interesting thing about this is, just over five years ago this film would have been impossible. We didn’t the lighting technology, and we didn’t have the camera technology to do giant screen like a mile back in a cave,” he explained.

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo asked Bird if he or anyone or from his team was scared when they were deep in the underwater caves.

“We definitely weren’t because we’re all certified cave nerds and we love cave diving and this stuff is great. But we do have one scene in the film where one of our divers got stuck and you would think it’s just a movie and they faked it, but we didn’t fake it, he actually got stuck.

The film debuted at The Florida International Film Festival a few months back and is now showing for all audiences at The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale on their IMAX screens.

“The IMAX screen is so big and so close. You are in the movie. You are completely going to feel like you are cave diving. The film is in 3D and is as realistic as possible without actually being underwater,” Bird explained.

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