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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There are more flight delays and cancellations at South Florida airports due to that major winter storm the pummeled the northeast.

According to officials at Miami International Airport, 10 arrivals and 3 departure flights, either to or from New York area airports have already been cancelled Tuesday. Those airports are JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.  There are two arrivals cancelled from Boston and Hartford as well.

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Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is reporting 16 total cancellations; 4 departures and 12 arrivals. In addition, there are 19 total delays; 9 departures and 10 arrivals.

The majority of impacted flights are to and from the northeastern U.S

Airport officials advise travelers to check with their airline for the most current flight status or rebooking information before heading to the airport.

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Parts of northern New England are now waiting their turn to be pummeled by the heavy winter storm.

Tuesday’s snowfall comes as residents of the New York City region are digging out from under piles of snow that shut down public transport, canceled flights and closed coronavirus vaccination sites.

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The lumbering storm dropped more than 16 inches of snow in Manhattan’s Central Park, and as much as 30 inches was reported in northern New Jersey. Team