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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A Miami man is in jail charged with threatening to stab his girlfriend 40 times, and trying to set her on fire as part of a religious ritual.

According to the police arrest affidavit, Osvaldo Fernandez, 41 was “practicing his religion” on January 22 when “his attitude changed,” according to the victim.

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He began to throw things around the room, grabbed two kitchen knives and attacked his girlfriend, stated the victim in the police report.

The report states he pushed her to the bed, holding her neck with one hand, and holding a knife with the other. Then he held one of the knives at her left side and the other at her stomach.

Fernandez told her in Spanish, “Te voy a meter 40 punaladas,” which means “I’m going to stab you 40 times,” she stated.

During the incident, Fernandez claimed “there was a spirit taking over his body,” states the report.


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In addition, the report states, while the victim was lying in bed, he began to throw perfume bottles, clothes, and stuffed teddy bears on top of the woman before throwing alcohol on top and igniting a fire while yelling, “Hoy te Mueres tu,” meaning “Today you die.”

As the fire spread around the bed and he room, he yelled, “Me quemo, me quemo con el fuego,” meaning “I’m burning, I’m burning with the fire,” according to the report.

The girlfriend also told police when police arrived and knocked on the door, Fernandez forcefully refused to let her leave the apartment and left bruises on her wrists.

He did eventually open the door and was taken into custody without incident.

He is charged with Attempted Felony Murder, Arson, Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon, False Imprisonment and Battery.

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The woman was treated for her injuries received when he allegedly tried to choke her and set her on fire. Team