MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – For two days now South Florida police officers have been gearing up and shipping out.

One-hundred and twenty-one women and men from 3 departments are heading to Washington DC to assist with policing around the inauguration site.

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“We’re all going prepared, we’re trained,” said Coral Gables Police Sgt. Addy Villanueva. “And we’re happy to be there. You always have to stay vigilant and be ready for anything that comes your way,” she said.

Coral Gables is sending 27 officers. With the siege at the capitol earlier this month, this deployment is anything but routine. “We’ve all watched on the edge of our seat what happened in DC,” said Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak.

“These men and women are committed to making sure that that does not happen again,” he said.

Early in the morning 49, Miami Beach officers loaded onto buses heading to the airport, ready for anything when they arrive in DC.

“As a chief I have a little apprehension gong up there, having our guys and girls going up there,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements. “It is a concern, I know that there’s a great plan in place up there and I know they will do well,” he said.

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Miami-Dade police have been called on more than 20 times to assist during inaugurations.

Sunday, the department sent 45 officers from the Rapid Deployment Force.

“I am so proud that we are sending Miami-Dade county’s finest, the special force, the RDF,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.

They’re not just going to serve for the routine activities but they are ready if needed and we know that with them there we can all feel confident that the nation is safe,” the mayor said.

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Most South Florida officers are expected to return home on Thursday.

Ted Scouten