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(CBSMiami)- Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler became a father in October 2019 with the birth of his daughter Rylee. Like every parent, Butler’s perspective on life has shifted since welcoming Rylee to the world. In an interview published in GQ Thursday, the Heat guard explained some of the lessons he’s hoping to impart to Rylee.

“I got to make sure that women are on the same level as men now, because that’s what I’m going to teach her,” Butler said. “Anything a man can do, you can do. With my blood running through your veins, we’re not intimidated by anybody, no matter what color their skin is, if they’re male, female, how tall they are, how fast. We don’t care. You’re going to be the best.”

That mindset and determination is what got Butler to where he is today, an NBA star fresh off a performance in last summer’s bubble that carried the Heat to the NBA Finals. Butler did admit that his workout routine, famous for starting at 4:00 a.m., has changed slightly since the birth of Rylee, telling GQ that he’s still up early but the first 30 minutes or so is spent trying to “wriggle out from underneath her, because he can’t bring himself to wake her up.” Team