By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, Miami police are preparing to step up security on the day President-Elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office.

On Tuesday, Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina invited CBS4’s Peter D’Oench to take an exclusive tour of the department’s Real Time Crime Center where surveillance cameras keep tabs on the city.

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The FBI has sent out a warning about what it calls “armed protests” being planned for all 50 states before President-Elect Biden’s inauguration.

“There is intelligence there could be marches on all state capitols,” said Chief Colina

Chief Colina said his department is working closely with Miami-Dade police and the FBI to determine any threats to the area. He said they have no intelligence suggesting there will be issues in Miami next Wednesday, but he and his staff are taking no chances.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina invited CBS4’s Peter D’Oench into the department’s real-time crime center where surveillance cameras keep tabs on the city. (CBS4)

Inside the real-time crime center, video feeds from 430 cameras from around the city are monitored for criminal activity.

“We are going to be prepared, Peter. We are going to stand up our command center. We’re going to have additional officers working. We are going to have a robust presence to make sure we don’t have issues here,” said Chief Colina.

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In an exclusive interview, Assistant Police Chief Armando Aguilar told D’Oench the real-time crime center is the nerve center of the police department.

“This is where we monitor our live cameras, our license plate readers. This is where we monitor our facial recognition services,” he said.

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Miami police are assisting the FBI in putting names to faces of rioters captured on camera inside the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday during the siege.

“We’ve identified six matches of persons seen on the video and still images engaging in unlawful conduct at the Capitol,” said Aguilar.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina invited CBS4’s Peter D’Oench into the department’s real-time crime center where surveillance cameras keep tabs on the city. (CBS4)

The same technology was used to identify several suspects who burned police cars last May during a protest in front of police headquarters.

“We’ve used the technology to identify murder suspects, to identify rapists and burglars, and persons who destroy police property and assault officers,” said Aguilar.

As for inauguration day, “We’ll definitely be monitoring everything we can, from live cameras to social media, to ensure that everything’s kept safe locally,” said Aguilar.

While both he and Chief Colina respect the right to protest peacefully and legally, their department will be watching a lot of cameras on inauguration day.

“What we don’t want is any kind of lawlessness, we are not going to allow that,” said Chief Colina.

“People should be aware we are watching and at all levels, people will be held accountable,” said Aguilar.

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The scrutiny by the Miami Police Department for inauguration day could benefit other departments nationwide. Aguilar said if they get wind of any credible threats outside of Miami, they’ll immediately notify their agencies or departments.

Peter D'Oench