By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An early-morning fire on New Year’s Day in the Hollywood Palms neighborhood burned just inches from a home, as it heavily damaged an RV and car.

Surveillance video shows a small spark in a garbage can at about 1:30 a.m.

David captured the video on his surveillance system, he’s a neighbor.

He said there were lots of fireworks at the time. The fire department believes that is the likely cause.

“Last night fireworks, people were shooting them off, the wind was so fast so strong, they were moving really quick off course,” he said.

Over the next ten minutes, the fire would get bigger. It took that long before anyone even realized there was a growing fire right behind an occupied duplex.

The RV owner and neighbors raced to the scene. They quickly began throwing buckets of water on the flames — which were being fanned by heavy winds.

One man had a close call. Surveillance video shows him as he is about to throw a bucket of water on the flames.

An apparent explosion threw him to the ground. “It was pretty big, pretty big,” explained neighbor Elyse Brunt. “Engulfed, obviously, the whole side of the RV and the car was really scary because you didn’t know if it was going to explode or anything with gasoline,” she said.

Elyse and her husband David sprang into action. David grabbed his garden hose and started to douse the flames. He quickly handed it off and ran for a bigger hose. “I have a fire hose set up in my well pump,” David explained. “I have the ability to run my well pump and as a result, that was the first time I ever used it in 22 years.

That did the trick. The group of neighbors extinguished much of the fire in about 10 minutes, before the fire department arrived.

They stopped the flames from engulfing any homes. “I think this was all about neighbors helping neighbors, about being good in the world. That’s what it was about, doing good for each other and knowing we have your back,” Elyse explained.

Hollywood fire rescue continues to investigate the fire.

The preliminary investigation points to fireworks as the cause.

Ted Scouten