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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An arrest has been made after a woman’s decomposing body was found in a Miami Beach apartment over the weekend.

According to police, they got a call from the building manager of the apartments, at 659 Meridian Avenue, about the body in one of the units.

The property manager told police she hired an exterminator for the building and as he was conducting his rounds no one responded to his knock when he went to unit 12A. When she opened the door for him, they found the body.

Police said there was blood all over the apartment and the body was wrapped in a sheet.

The building manager told police Candida Navarrete and her son, Edwin Chow, lived in the unit.

The medical examiner ruled that the woman had been stabbed to death.

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A bloody fingerprint on a disinfectant wipe was found in the bedroom next to the corpse. The analysis confirmed the print belonged to chow.

Police located Chow who reportedly confessed that he used a kitchen knife to stab his mother in the chest as she laid in her bed.

Chow has been charged with second-degree murder.

Although not yet officially identified by the Medical Examiner’s office due to her advanced stage of decomposition, the body is believed to be Navarrete based on Chow’s statements. Team