By Hank Tester

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Looking to get a bike for Christmas? Production issues are putting a crimp on bicycle sales this holiday season.

Frenchie Effron, owner of Frenchie’s Bicycles in Margate says, “I just go off the phone with one of my supplies. They have me out to August-September before I get some of the bikes I have back-ordered.”

It is a nationwide issue for bike shops selling higher-end bikes and it disappointing consumers and frustrating bike shop owners.

“I have 400 bikes back-ordered,” Effron says.

The bike and bike parts supply chain, mostly China based has been choked up due to COVID-19.

First, because of the huge demand for bike sales is up 120 percent this year due to folks wanting to use them for exercise and fresh air.

Then, there is a parts problem. Frames, chains, bike tires, and tubes.

“Your manufacturers don’t have tubes. When I hear someone has tubes, I buy 600 at a time so I can have tubes in here,” says Effron.

The Chinese plants that turn out bike parts are smacked with worker shortages due to the global pandemic.

It is not just new bikes and parts being impacted, bikes that have not seen the light of day in years are also being affected.

“They are pulling out bicycles that have not been out 10-15 years. Get them repaired and rejuvenated. You can’t get bikes? Rejuvenate the old ones,” says Effron.

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The bike business is a “business” navigating the COVID devastated economy.

“For me, to do the stimulus, I need a lawyer to make out, fill out the papers. Not worth it to me,” adds Effron.

“I don’t want to take from the government. I don’t need from the government, I have saved all my life. I have made sure my men have been covered since I started this with the pandemic”

Effron says mountain bikes are really hard to come by this week, in the heart of the holiday rush.

He was only able to take delivery on 35 bikes.