MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A tiny dog named Molly, stolen from the Tiny Paws Puppy Boutique in northeast Miami-Dade, is in need of special dietary attention and the store’s owner and manager want her back.

Manager Ashley Carucci said the woman who took the dog spent 45 minutes in the store before pulling off a well-planned theft.

“She sent one of the employees to the back for something and by the time she was out the door is when we realized that she’s gone with the dog. She just walked out,” she said.

Carucci added that the woman even propped open the door with a water bottle, to avoid the door’s security lock system, to make her getaway.

What the woman may not know is the stolen two and half-month-old puppy needs special care.

“The dog that she took actually eats prescription food only. So if she’s not going to return the dog I hope she at least takes it to the vet to get the prescription food for the dog. When they are this small they are usually very picky eaters, so people who buy teacup-sized dogs or microsized dogs know that their dogs eat very special foods, they don’t eat just whatever food you give them,” said Carucci.

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Molly weighs less than a pound and a half, Carucci said the store’s owner is very worried.

“She’s really upset, she’s worried about her dog, that’s her biggest concern, she doesn’t care about anything else. At least get the dog the correct food because without the correct food the dog isn’t going to eat and is going to die on her,” said Carucci.

Time is of the essence. The longer Molly goes without the prescribed food, the chances for survival decrease.

Carucci said the woman who took Molly appeared to be Hispanic and in her 30s. She said the store owner doesn’t care about pressing charges, she just wants the dog back to make sure she’s okay.

Steven "Goldie" Goldstein