MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Lauren Buchwald is 14-year-old Parkland resident, and a budding entrepreneur in the fashion world.  She also has diabetes. Like many folks, she had some extra time this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. She shared with us, in her own words, how she started the online clothing company Splattered Essentials and how she is giving back to help others with diabetes by donating items she designed.

Tell us about your condition.

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“I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was two and a half years old. I caught on to my parents eventually, when they would give me my juice when I was low, how it was when I was high and I started to catch on to it. Ever since then I’ve taken and managed my diabetes with as much care as possible.”

About 2020, how has it impacted you?

“It was hard during quarantine. My friends were all hanging out and I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t risk my life to be out with friends. I had so much time on my hands because of my diabetes, because I wasn’t able to go out with my friends.  My parents were super strict about me being safe at home and I wanted to start something.”

What is your inspiration? 

“I love fashion!  Ever since I was younger my mom and I would always go to the mall, we always shop. And if I can get stuff at the mall {I thought}  why don’t I make it? I took what I love to do and turned it into a business.”

How did you make Splattered Essentials?

“There’s so many TikTok trends  and Instagram trends going around. So, I’m doing a clothing business of having tie-dye clothes or having customized clothes. I took some art classes, and I did some stuff online and I learned how do all the stuff to make the clothes. I started to do some bleaching and some tie-dying and then from there my friends thought it was the coolest thing ever and so I just turned it into a business and I started selling clothing.”

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Clothing line company created by Parkland teen Lauren Buchwald (CBS4)

Tell us about the clothes?

“We have so many styles, tank top, crewnecks, hoodies. This is one of my designs, I made this star t-shirt. People can also make their own, they can customize it.” 

How are you helping the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation?

“I am so happy that I’m able to give a portion of the proceeds back to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation because it’s so special to me, and I’m happy to be able to give back during such a hard time. They’re doing an auction right now during the month of November and I’ve donated some of my pieces.”

Diabetes hasn’t stopped you from much has it?

 “Over time I have learned to keep positive, stay positive, always watch it manage it and be prepared what’s going on with my blood sugar. It doesn’t make you different, having diabetes, whether you have a pump or not we are all the same. I  enjoy making clothing I enjoy making customers happy I like the fact that I am able to provide such amazing clothing to other people.”

To learn more about Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and the online auction click on this link here.

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