MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A drama about family, courage, and survival sets the stage for the new western-style thriller called “Let Him Go.”

In the film, retired Sheriff George Blackledge, played by Kevin Costner, and his wife Margaret, played by Diane Lane, leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from a dangerous family in the Dakotas who won’t let him go.

“Let Him Go,” which is based on a novel by Larry Watson, has a South Florida connection. Mitchell Kaplan is the founder of Books and Books in Coral Gables. His production company produced the film.

“It’s got a bit of every element that I usually love about books and about film. It’s got a love story at the heart of it, it’s a bit of a road movie as they go and try to discover where their grandchild was taken to, and then it turns into a bit of a mystery as well,” said Kaplan.

The film reunites Costner and Lane, it was shot entirely on location in Montana.

“It was a dream come true for me to reunite with Jevin on this film, he is even better in larger doses,” said Lane.

Lane’s character is the engine that drives the film, a grandmother obsessed with getting her grandson back.

Writer-director Thomas Bezucha directed this western which is opening to rave reviews.

Costner, an acclaimed director himself, said this story just worked.

“The work was really done for me, it was a beautiful script. I didn’t really try to bring something to it that wasn’t already there, I just had to try and brace it and find the truth of it,” he said.

“It was So fascinating with Kevin who is also a director, he was very involved and to see him work,” said Kaplan.

For all involved, they hope “Let Him Go” will leave audiences fully engaged.

“It’s a stirring emotional story which is propulsive because of the thriller element to it, you identify very strongly with the characters and you worry about what’s going to happen to them,” said Kaplan.

“I think what’s good about “Let Him Go” as it’s a movie that can live in any decade because it’s about love, the power to love somebody, even when they’re going in the wrong direction,” said Costner.

“Let Him Go,” in 2,500 theaters nationwide on Friday will have a special, sold-out, opening in Coral Gables.