LIGHTHOUSE POINT (CBSMiami) – Two Opa-Locka men are accused of stealing mail from drive-thru mailboxes at the Lighthouse Point Post Office, including vote-by-mail ballots.

According to Lighthouse Point police, Vladimir Cuevas, 20, and Junior Cabral, 28, were parked next to the mailboxes just before midnight Tuesday, October 27 for an unusual amount of time.  The police arrest form officers had been made aware that those specific drop off mail boxes were subject to theft over the past year and should investigate any suspicious activity near that location.

During an investigative stop, police discovered one of the men in the car trying to hide the mail.

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During a search, police found a homemade device used to extract pieces of mail from mailboxes, numerous pieces of stolen mail, including two election ballots.

Both men are charged with theft of US mail, possession of US mail that contains personal information of another without their consent and illegal possession of voter ballots.