By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony is responding to allegations that a pregnant inmate suffering from psychiatric issues was left to fend for herself when she went into labor in lock up.

“I can tell you I am highly disgusted at the allegations that we’re looking at right now,” Sheriff Tony said.

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Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes represents the inmate.

“The jail personnel are acknowledging the fact that she is very much into the labor process, that process goes on for a considerable amount of time and there is no call for any assistance to get her to a hospital,” he said.

Gordon said the expectant mom should have been taken to the hospital immediately.

“Because of the inaction, because of the slow response, her water breaks and that point, she is forced to deliver the baby, whether inside the cell or out of the cell, inside a jail facility which is totally inappropriate,” Weekes said.

“The issue that I’m concerned about doesn’t come down to policy and training,” Sheriff Tony said. “It comes down to decency. It comes down to discretion, it comes down to using common sense.”

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Sheriff Tony fired two top jail administrators, Col. Gary Palmer and Lt. Col. Angela Neely and he launched an internal affairs investigation into others involved.

“My Lt. Colonel and Colonel, who are the two core heads of that particular Department of Detention, failed.”

“They failed me they failed this community, they failed to meet my standards,” Tony continued, “If these allegations are true there will be further disciplinary action taken from myself. I can’t assure you that.”

Weekes said that mother deserved better care. “We need to do better and that is the bottom line, to just ignore a mother that is screaming in pain during the delivery process is in appropriate. It is point blank, should not occur.”

That mother is out of jail and is with family being taken care of.

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Meanwhile, the internal affairs investigation continues.

Ted Scouten