MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For the first time Jasmine Martinez opens up about the impact the death of Frank Ordonez has had on her two young daughters, now 6 and 4 years old respectively.

“It’s hard to talk about death. I feel it for them,” said Jasmine.

Ordonez was the UPS driver taken hostage and killed last December on the Miramar Parkway during a confrontation with police.

“There’s nothing to replace their dad they loved him with all their heart,” said Jasmine.

The Ordonez family is suing six police agencies in Frank’s death.

The family’s attorneys say an independent witness who was next to the UPS truck has told them what happened after the truck was boxed in.

“The police shot first, unloaded on the UPS truck,” said attorney Michael Haggard.

That driver says he recovered bullet casings from his car when he retrieved it the next day.

“There was no plan. No plan at all.”

The two accused kidnappers who died in the shooting, police say first robbed a Coral Gables jewelry store and then took Ordonez hostage, fleeing north.

More than 20 miles later, they found themselves caught in traffic, with cars all around.

Frank Ordonez, the UPS driver killed in the shootout between police and the armed robbers who took him hostage. (Source: Facebook)

Chopper 4 images showed police officers crouching next to vehicles with guns drawn.

“To see the terror on their faces because they don’t know what’s occurring.”

Richard Cutshaw, 70, in his car, on his way home from work, was also killed in the chaos, and Ordonez’s lawyers are also representing his family.

“They lost their lives because of pure recklessness,” said Haggard.