FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – In an effort to clarify the new rules in his city after Governor Ron DeSantis moved the state to Phase 3 last Friday, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis has issued a new emergency order.


“As I have long said, we have needed to begin reopening our businesses and amenities, but we also must do so in a way that continues to protect public health. Given the broad nature of the governor’s order, I am attempting to maintain a measure of protection that an urban area like ours needs since the virus can easily spread,” Trantalis said in a statement.


When it comes to masks, DeSantis’ order suspended the collection of fines for individuals not wearing face masks.


Trantalis said his new order restores restoring “the common-sense policies that were in place that businesses must require their employees and customers to wear masks.”


In moving to Phase 3, DeSantis has allowed restaurants to open at 100% of their capacity. This expanded old local orders that limited indoor capacity to 50% but allowed for additional outdoor seating.


Under the new order, restaurants in the city can operate at 100% capacity, but they will still have to maintain six-feet of separation between tables and between people who are standing or waiting in line. Employees must wear masks as must customers except when they are eating.


“The biggest thing, definitely, is getting our bartenders back to work,” says assistant manager of El Camino, Brian Gough It’s been a little over six months for them to actually be behind the bar


Customers will be allowed to sit at bar counters, with a six-foot separation between people not of the same household.


“We have everything spaced out,” Gough says about their bar area. “We have divider set up. We have hand sanitizer for every bar guest that comes to the table.”


“I can’t tell you how excited we are that we get to use this extra seating area right now in the bar area,” says Paul Greenberg, owner of American Social. “It helps out tremendously, because it’s been tough.“


Bars and nightclubs will now be allowed to operate at 50% of their indoor capacity and 100% of their outdoor capacity. 


This is similar to the rules that previously were in place for restaurants.

Like restaurants, there must be a six-foot spacing between tables and between people who are standing or waiting in line, and both employees and customers need to wear masks unless eating or drinking. 


Restaurants, bars and nightclubs may remain open until midnight.


These measures take effect immediately.