By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Coral Gables-based Instasks is a professional concierge service that may be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to your personal needs.

Co-founder Jillian Jacobson says the service offers almost anything you can think of and it’s now just a click away, whether online or through its app.

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“Instasks Professional Concierge is a service that gives you on-demand services, whether it’s beauty, whether you need a jet charter, a yacht charter, we can handle any type of experience or service,” she said.

Whether its hair, makeup, professional COVID-19 cleaning services for your business, even construction, the company has you covered.

“We pride ourselves on making sure everyone is professional and we work with the best companies and the best doctors,” said Jacobson.

Dr. Julio Gallo, a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who has his own practice, has joined Instasks in their Beauty on Demand services to provide at-home facial injections.

“Basically it’s a doctor house call. I come to you, provide the services that you need and you’re staying in your home. You’re not exposed to other people. I’m wearing a mask and following protocols. You get the service you would’ve gotten in my office but in a safe and secure environment,” Dr. Gallo said.

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Dr. Gallo said soon after things started opening up a bit, the beauty-at-home concept kicked into gear.

“It seems that people who were just sitting at home figured that the income they would’ve used to travel or other expenses can now be diverted to take care of themselves as they are spending all day long looking at themselves on Zoom calls,” he said.

“In addition, we are all wearing masks so you’re focused on your eyes and upper part of the face,” he added.

The plan is also to expand into at-home medical facials and more detailed skincare, the new normal of 2020.

“It is the new normal and quite honestly we are in this pandemic for probably another year, so we have to adapt. We have to live with the pandemic and adapt to the situation and this is one way we can make people feel safe, but normal at the same time,” said Dr. Gallo.

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Lisa Petrillo