By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A woman who was attacked on a Metromover train wants everyone to see a new video of it which shows how viciously she was beaten by a total stranger and without provocation.

Andrea Puerta wants to make sure he is severely punished.

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Puerta, 29, who was sitting alone on the train at the 5th Street station on the night of September 4th when a man beat her relentlessly, punching her more than 20 times. The assault seems to never end as she’s kicked in the head and then thrown against the side of the car.

She told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “He wanted to kill me. The only reason he didn’t kill me was because he didn’t count on the fact that at the next station someone was waiting for the Metromover. I want everybody to know who he is and of course that he should go to jail. He doesn’t deserve to be outside. He only wanted to kill. He is an animal in the wrong way. He is a person who didn’t care about life but I had angels. I have my dogs that I walk and God wanted me to be with them. But I want all the world to see his face.”

“I just realized what happened when I saw the video and all my body hurts,” said Puerta.

She was left with a broken rib, swollen jaw, bruises on her arms, and a concussion.

“I didn’t know him and he punched me and said he was sorry and I thought that was the word he was going to use because he wanted to kill me. I walk dogs and this happened after I was walking them. This is my hobby and I feel I am here for them,” Puerta said.

Twenty-year-old Joshua James King was charged in the attack. He has since been released on a $1,500 bond.

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King’s attorney was in court Friday morning, but the case was reset for Wednesday. He said he plans to bring up the issue of King’s competency.

But Puerta’s attorney Curt Obront told CBS4 that prosecutors had agreed to honor his request to have King held without bond. “I have confirmed that they filed a motion to revoke his release and request detention.”

Obront said “We have also learned that he had a fully-loaded semi-automatic 9-millimeter clip in his pocket. Just think if that gun had gone off. We are trying to get justice for our client and we were quite shocked by what this individual did and the vicious attack that was unprovoked.”
“Where was the security?” Asked Obront. “The security was nowhere to be seen. We have since learned that the intercom on the Metromover was broken. We are going to hold the security company responsible for providing security. We are going to get to the bottom of this and how it happened. There may be a need for systematic changes. We learned this guy came down here from the Tallahassee area. He could easily have been charged with attempted murder.”
Puerta said “He is not crazy. He has a stable mind. He wants everybody to think he is crazy but he is not. He is very stable.” Police say King also attacked two other men on the same day.

“He’s a guy that didn’t care. He didn’t care about me. He was twice my size and he didn’t have feelings. Now I can’t open my mouth and have trouble eating and I have a concussion and pain all over my body,” said Puerta.

This was not an isolated incident.

Eduardo Miguel Fernandez, 73, was left hospitalized with 14 fractures after a homeless man beat him and took off with $30 at the Adrienne Arsht Metromover station.

Robert Lee Ribbs, 52, was charged in that attack.

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The city and county have since stepped up Metromover security with more undercover personnel and private security guards.

Peter D'Oench