By Dave Warren

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Rapid COVID testing sites were set up Thursday at Dadeland Mall.

These sites are similar to other drive-through testing facilities, the difference is that you get the results at the end of your visit.

“Quick Lab is a COVID testing facility where individuals can get a COVID test and get the results in minutes versus waiting hours or days,” said Stephen Thomas.

Thomas is the CEO of TPT Global Tech, they manufactured the testing labs from old shipping containers he says the advantage with Quick Lab is that it is quick.

“You can get tested before an event so you know that everybody in the sporting event is COVID free,” said Thomas.

In addition to events, this could be beneficial for travelers with some airlines and destinations requiring a test.

“There’s a lot of people around here who travel and they need instantaneous results,” said Ted Davis. He saw the lab as it was being set up and came over to look into what is offered.

Another advantage with the labs being made out of shipping containers is that they can be shipped.

“If we go in deploy in a certain area in the cove, it goes down because of testing we have the ability to move them to other hotspots,” said Thomas.

The tests are not free. They cost $130 for a COVID test and $75 for an antibody test.

They are looking into working with insurance companies to get the price down. Thomas also added that insurance will cover the test cost if you are positive.

For now, it’s a price you have to pay for the results in minutes versus days,

Dave Warren