FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – After an 11-hour meeting, Broward County School Board members have decided on dates to reopen their schools for in-person learning.

The school board agreed teachers will return to their classrooms for half days on Oct. 9 and 12.

Oct. 13 will be a full day for teachers to plan.

On Oct. 14, early learners will be allowed to start their in-person learning.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Broward County Public Schools Administrators said they were ready to open schools for person learning originally for Oct. 5 for K-8 and on Oct. 12 for high school students.

But after hearing the concerns of many at their first in person meeting in months, the board decided to change their start date.

“When people die, be ready for the consequences,” said Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco.

Hundreds of Broward teachers who were surveyed said they don’t feel safe returning to the classroom.

Elementary school teacher Julia Williams is one of those apprehensive to return.

“The current plan has too many gaps. We are not ready. We have to get this right. There are no do-overs,” she said.

Many in the meeting feared for students with underlying health conditions.

And it’s not just teachers who are concerned. Some school bus drivers have wondered what this return to school will mean.

“This is a plague and I’m a COVID survivor,” said Linda Lewis.

Lewis called for mandatory COVID testing for drivers and enough protective equipment.

“How are you going to protect children and drivers?” she asked.

The school board will continue to work on implanting a health and sanitation protocol – from transportation to food service.

The school board will be meeting the first week of October where they will vote on an official plan.

Superintendent Robert Runcie said they do expect to move forward with these dates.