By Jessica Vallejo

MIAMI SHORES (CBSMiami) – Miami Shores police evacuated a Miami Shores neighborhood after a resident reported he had found a possible military explosive in his backyard.

“We are all shocked,” said Iris, a neighbor.

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The Miami Dade Bomb squad responded to the scene of 357 NE 97th street. They indicated that the piece found could have been a very old, possible Civil War era device.

“This area was built in the 1800s, so I am not surprised that they found something. It’s just that this neighborhood is very quiet,” said Iris.

While, it has not been confirmed what was in the backyard of home, Paul George, a historian of Miami, said what they found was a shell of a bomb.

“There is speculation that during the Civil War it might have been there. Well, during the Civil War we had minor things happen here, but no formal fighting, no battles in that area. So I do not think it’s that,” said George.

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Geroge said he believed the piece of the bomb dates back to the 1850s.

He said a military trail was built during the Third Seminole War, and the trail stretched from the Miami River going diagonally through Miami Shores.

“So it’s a big question mark in my mind. But we do know that there was that big military trail that went back way in time and it was an active trail. There is always the idea that it could have been something as a result of moving weaponry back and forth,” said George.

Now, there was no incident when military removed the device.

Neighbors glad they are safe.

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“These days nothing really shocks me. So it is pretty wild that something like that is in the backyard of any of our homes,” said Jaime Leverock, a neighbor.

Jessica Vallejo