MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Jelly Belly creator David Klein is getting ready to retire and just like the fictitious Willy Wonka, he wants to give away his Florida-based factory, Candyman Kitchens.

Klein is launching a series of treasure hunts across the country and the big winner will walk away with the key to his candy factory.

The ‘golden tickets’ in this treasure hunt are actually golden necklaces with verification codes on them.

They are hidden in secret locations across the U.S.


The competition isn’t free.

People can purchase a $50 ticket on the contest website to enter the hunt for their state’s necklace. Once a player receives a clue to the location, the hunt is one and whoever finds the necklace and submits the corresponding code to will get $5,000.

However, Klein says you don’t have to find a necklace to be eligible for the sweet grand prize which not only includes the key to one of Klein’s candy factories but also an all-expenses paid trip and education to a candy-making university.

Jelly Belly founder David Klein
(Source: Tricky Treasures

“That’s exciting,” Klein said. “We’re looking for you, Charlie.”

There is a Facebook page for those interested in playing.