MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Nestled into her work area, Alexandra works on the letter ‘A’ while Oliver learns about the water cycle.

Both are doing their school virtual school work at the Frost Museum of Science’s all-new Pods Program.

“We were trying to explore and see how we can offer an opportunity for parents and their kids to be able to still enjoy the museum and still be able to help out the community, so we decided to form this program,” said Daniella Orihuela, Director of Educational Programs at Frost Science.

The program started last week and offers a safe space for children to attend virtual school until schools reopen.

Children in grades K through 5 have access to their daily virtual school program while under the supervision of a Frost Science educator who will provide homework assistance and basic IT support.

“They have a pod leader, which is one of our Frost Science educators, in the classroom with them at all times and they help them with all sorts of different items from logging in, to checking in to see that you’re keeping up with their school schedule for the day. They are also making sure they’re getting snacks and having times for bathroom breaks,” said Orihuela.

There are nine students to a pod, sitting at safe distances, each doing their work with their individual schools

“Due to the current situation, we want to make sure we limit exposure to other kids as much as possible. They stay within their own little pod with other students within the same age as them and we have the opportunity for more pods as more registrations come in,” Orihuela explained.

The perks? For working parents, it’s a safe place to send their kids to school. For the students, it’s the after school program where a world-class science museum is theirs for the exploring.

“So, in aftercare, we first make sure they are getting their homework completed. That’s definitely a priority. But then, after that, they have the opportunity to explore different exhibitions, see the sharks, touch the stingrays, and so on,” Orihuela said.

The cost? For members of the museum it’s $275 per week, for non-members it’s $325 per week. The price includes two snacks per day and aftercare.

The Frost Museum’s Pod Program is on now is through October 2nd or as long as there is a need.

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