MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is pushing for technology in big trucks that can help prevent a rear-end crash.

More than 4,136 people died in crashes involving large trucks in 2018, according to the IIHS. A total of 119 happened during rear-end collisions.

“We have seen a substantial rise in the number of large truck crashes,” said IIHS President David Harkey.

The technology IIHS wants in big trucks is similar to what you’ll find in newer passenger cars: collision warning sensors and automatic emergency braking.

A study found the safety features led to a more than 40% reduction in rear-end crashes.

Many of today’s trucks come with driver assistance technology, but the IIHS wants the government to require it in all new semis.

“We think the safety benefits that we’ve seen in this study justify having a mandate for front crash prevention systems,” Harkey said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is reviewing the new report and is conducting its own study on driver assist technology in heavy vehicles.

The IIHS said the European Union already mandates the systems. The Department of Transportation has encouraged manufacturers to install them on a voluntary basis.

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