By Ted Scouten

COOPER CITY (CBSMiami) – There was a wild chase in Cooper City on Tuesday night as Broward Sheriff’s deputies tried to wrangle a bull on the run.

CBS4 News captured some of the chase as the bullish culprit tried to hoof it away near Southeast Lake Boulevard and Embassy Drive.

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The bull was spotted running through a residential neighborhood before deputies tried to lasso the bull.

“We went for a walk and then we had a neighbor come out and say there’s a bull in the neighborhood. We said a bull? There was a real bull in the neighborhood,” said area resident Jerry O’Malley.

O’Malley wasn’t sure what to think. By the way, we checked with a bull rider — who said to him, it looks like this is a cow. either way — it may have been looking for greener pastures — or at least someplace with few cars and people.

“There he was, all the cop cars were surrounding him trying to keep him from doing damage and then he was just kind of grazing for a little while.”

That grazing didn’t last long. It was around that time when Kellie Magnoli got a close up look.

“It was just running up and down the street going all around the block. It went through the yard between my car and the garage and right across and it was just running all around the block,” said Magnoli.

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She shot this video of it standing on the street corner — but it didn’t stay there long.

“At first we were just kind of fascinated, watching it. And then it snuck up behind us in our yard over there. And we just darted in the house and decided we should just stay in the house,” Magnoli added.

BSO called in Some folks who are used to rounding up cattle. It took a while. But finally after getting it cornered in some bushes.

They got it! And it wasn’t too happy.

It took some coaxing and lots of deputies tugging.

They got it into the trailer safe and sound — ready to go back from where it came.

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Authorities do not know where the bull escaped from or who owns it.

Ted Scouten