MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Police have made an arrest in the May 5, 2020, hit-and-run crash which killed a 23-year-old Venezuelan woman.

Authorities said it happened at around 9:30 p.m. at the intersection of N. Miami Avenue and 36 Street.

Miami Police said 21-year-old Dalton Alfonso McKenzie was the driver of the speeding Mustang that hit the car Ciarah Ramirez was in at the time of the crash.

Police said the Mustang broadsided a Subaru causing Ramirez to be ejected from the vehicle. Her husband, Robert, and a close friend were critically injured and rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital. They were injured at the time, but have since recovered.

The Subaru that police said Ciara Ramirez was ejected from. (CBS4)

Police believe that McKenzie and his passenger may have been involved in previous, serious, violent crimes in another jurisdiction.

Miami Police chief Jorge Colina said the speeding car may have also been the subject of a police pursuit that is also being investigated by internal affairs.

Law enforcement sources told CBS4 that five Miami police officers and a sergeant were relieved of duties and have been reassigned to duties indoors as a result of the investigation into whether there was a proper police pursuit in this case.

At the time, her cousin, Andrea Ramirez, said, “It’s so sad that a young girl like that who was so smart and talented and beautiful has passed away. We are very saddened and hurt. We are in shock. We don’t understand this or how it happened. Our hope are with the police and that they find them and see exactly what happened and make sure they pay for it.”

McKenzie faces several charges and is being held without bond.

Police said DNA taken from the crashed vehicle led them to McKenzie.