MIAMI (CBSMiami) – With a week to go until the new school year begins in Miami-Dade County, some working parents are still scrambling to figure out what to do when it comes to their kids and remote learning.

One organization known for helping children thrive and succeed is living up to its mission and helping parents in the process.

The core mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami is to enable young people who need it most to reach their full potential.

This summer, that meant offering an affordable and safe summer camp, complete with masks, social distancing, and virtual fun.

But as the school year is set to begin completely online for most, the organization adapted its after school program to an all-day option.

“We’re becoming a schoolhouse for the kids,” explained Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami President Alex Rodriguez-Roig. “They can come there with their computer and do all of their virtual school, but they’re doing it with us supervised in a safe environment. They’ll have their recess, they’ll have their lunchtime and all the things they need.”

Daniel Garcia has been part of the Boys and Girls Clubs family since 3rd grade.

And his mom Melissa Sires is grateful for the program.

“I get calls from my bosses or from a client, trying to reconcile a payroll account or anything like that, and Danny will walk in asking mom can you print this for me, mom I can’t connect,” Sires said.

She wanted an option where her son could do his virtual schoolwork safely.

“I know that he’s going to be in a safe environment and at the same token going to be with counselors and advisors that are going to help him throughout the class day and if he has questions they will be able to answer it,” Sires said. “Even with homework, which is a plus for me, making sure it’s done by the time I pick him up after my workday here at home.”

With some families forming teaching “pods” and others forking over extra money for private tutors and personal childcare, Rodriguez-Roig says this option is more affordable at $50 to $65 a month per student.

“That’s what Boys and Girls Clubs is all about,” Rodriguez-Roig said. “Making sure we can provide good quality programs, and they’re accessible.”

The program is for students between 5 and 17 years old, and will take place Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., beginning Monday, August 31.

Registration is open now, but spots are limited.

For now, they have room for 200 students but might expand depending on space and demand.

Lauren Pastrana