By Ty Russell

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Saturday morning starts the machine recount for the race for two Democratic hopefuls battling to be on the November ballot to compete to be the head of elections in Broward.

“The results are due by Sunday at 3 p.m. Whatever it takes and however many people it takes to do it, we will have it done,” Judge Dan Kanner said.

Kanner is the Broward Canvassing Board chair.

Current Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci isn’t running. He replaced Dr. Brenda Snipes who was suspended over the handling of the November 2018 election.

She eventually resigned.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think the supervisor has done a fantastic job. The supervisor and staff have done a fantastic job,” Judge Dan Kanner said.

What has not been included in any count have been near 1,500 late vote-by-mail ballots in Broward.

Miami-Dade said it received more than 3,000 ballots after the election deadline that won’t be counted.

The canvassing board chair in Broward said rules are in place to make sure elections are fair.

“It assures the accuracy of the vote and integrity of the voting process,” Kanner said.

It’s common for elections workers in Miami-Dade to stop by the county’s main post office three times a day on Election Day.

For Broward, it’s common for workers to go to places like the Opa-locka mail distribution center to help out voters.

It may help now more than before since some mail sorting equipment has been taken away. But the message from workers: send or drop off ballots well ahead of the deadline.

Miami-Dade expects around 75% of voters to vote by mail. Broward said it expects 400,000 vote-by-mail ballots in November.

Ty Russell