By Dave Warren

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Schools are opening up with e-learning so it was a bit unusual to see a car line forming at The Hive Preparatory School in Northwest Miami-Dade Thursday morning.

They were not there to drop kids off, but instead, pick up one of five hundred desktop computers secured to help the students with their virtual learning.

Carlos Gonzalez is the principal he knew virtual learning would be a challenge so he got to work.

“We didn’t want to compromise on curriculums we wanted devices that would be capable not just putting them online,” he said as he helped distribute the devices.

He reached out to the DHL Helping Learners Program that provided the devices to the school.

“In one month, they turned around 500 devices for our families,” said Gonzalez.

Ketsia Fouquet was just one of many families there to pick up a computer with their child.

“You’re able to get a good education at home with good equipment so I don’t have to worry about that,” she said.

She wasn’t alone. A lot of parents were worried but that quickly turned into gratitude just about a week ago, when Gonzalez broke the news that the devices would be made available.

“When I’m able to help the vast majority with devices I get nonstop thanks and emails it’s been wonderful,” he said.

Those thanks and messages continued right as the families picked up the devices Thursday morning.

“I’m grateful for it,” said Sofia Carmango. She’s in seventh grade and was one of many families that had a sign thanking DHL and the school.

Dave Warren