BROWARD (CBSMiami) – Thousands of ballots cast on Primary Election Day kept being processed late into Tuesday night in Broward County.

“The highest voter turnout in our history for our primary. So, we are well over 25% of our voters which have voted, mostly by vote by mail,” Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci said.

There was a record turnout with more than 304,000 ballots cast for this primary. Nearly three quarters were mail-in.

“Relatively light turnout in Broward County for in-person voting,” he said.

The goal was to have ballots counted on election night. But as ballots poured in right before the deadline, that kept workers busy.

And then there were technology issues. They then learned a jump drive from a Coconut Creek precinct failed to work. The original 300 ballots are in one of about 110 trucks. The supervisor says they will be counted.

Ty Russell then asked, “Are we ready for November?”

The supervisor answered, “This was a great wet, dry-run for November. Pretty high turnout by history standards. So, it’s a good exercise.”

The supervisor of elections is expecting 400,000 vote-by-mail ballots in November. That’s double the number received this primary.

Ty Russell