MIAMI (CBSMiami) – New Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the team’s first round draft pick and hope for the future, met with the media Thursday at training camp.

Tagovailoa made a statement with what he wore – a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey.

“I thought I could break ice making you guys laugh wearing a ‘Fitz’ jersey because you know ‘Fitz,’ he’s very personable as well,” Tagovailoa said.

Tagovailoa has the personality and enthusiasm,” which the Dolphins hope translates on the field.

For now, he’s getting adjusted to Chan Gailey’s offense. Gailey is back for a second tour as a coordinator.

On day one, when Tagovailoa arrived, Fins legendary QB Dan Marino was in the meeting room.

“For someone who pretty much is the talk of the town with Dan, he’s super humble,” said Tagovailoa. “He doesn’t hold his head high or walk around here like he’s the man – which he is, but he’s super humble.”

As for the current quarterback group, Tagovailoa is just trying to fit in.

Two days ago, he got to meet Ryan Fitzpatrick’s family.

“It was pretty funny because everyone while we were on FaceTime, everyone’s just scattered around the house. So he introduces me to his kids and then he introduces me to his wife and he’s like, ‘This is it. This is everyone and this is my family,’ and then, lo and behold, he forgets two of them. It’s like, this man really has a family,” Tagovailoa joked.

But there’s one big question on everyone’s mind – when will the rookie play?

He’s not focusing on that because its out of his hands.

I think they’re going to put the best 11 out there. Whether I’m in that lineup or not, I think they’ve done enough evaluation throughout the week, throughout the month and leadup to that game,” he said.

Fans will just have to wait and see how long it takes for Tagovailoa to take over as the starter.

But for now, he’s soaking it all up in his first NFL training camp.

If he’s as good on the field as he is off of it, it should be a fun ride for Dolfans.

Steven "Goldie" Goldstein