MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The beginning of a new school year usually comes with excitement for both students and parents.

“I’m excited because we get to start a new school year, but with the pandemic it does worry me a bit,” said Leslie Leal, a parent.

She said having her child go into a classroom setting during the coronavirus pandemic has made her a bit stressed.

“I know that the accumulation of a lot of people in one area could spread the virus so that is my concern,” said Leal.

However, Jami Young, a licensed clinical social worker, said it’s a normal reaction.

She told CBS4 News that if your child is experiencing anxiety about returning to a classroom during this pandemic or even starting a brand new school year online, you should not be alarmed.

“There are many parents that are stressed, kids that are nervous or anxious, whether they are staying home, going to school. Whatever the transition is it is normal,” said Young.

Young said students usually already experience increased stress when transitioning to a new start. With a different setting, more stress is expected.

She advises parents first and foremost to have a conversation with their child.

“There is a lot of information of what their day is going to look like. It’s important to go over it with them. For the kids that are going back to school, I think it’s a good opportunity to use the resources at school, meaning talk to the teachers, talk to the professionals since that is who they are going to be with,” said Young.

Young added that parents should set up a daily routine for those staring their new chapter online.

She also mentioned reading a book, which could relax the nerves.

“There are a lot of books – ‘About The Night Before Kindergarten’ or a ‘Few Days Before Kindergarten.’ So if you have an older sibling and a younger sibling that’s a good book to read all together because it still addresses some of those nerves and anxiety about starting school,” said Young.

To help keep parents and students informed, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has developed a new helpful tool called Reopen Smart and Return Safe, which is a guide to reopening.

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Jessica Vallejo