By Ty Russell

DEERFIELD BEACH (CBSMiami) — Northeast Broward County braced for any potential impacts from Tropical Storm Isaias Saturday. However, during the day and into the evening, many families spent the day on the sand watching the waves.

Those waves even brought out people surfing.

“The waves are great. I feel like everyone who is surfing should get out there,” Matthew Chin said.

He’s one of dozens who waxed the surfboard and took it out for ride. Surfers were not alone. Families with small children walked the beach and others sat on benches nearby to enjoy the sight.

“We will be fine. We always are,” Kendra Holman said.

Holman told CBS4 News she and her family are prepared for any storm-related impacts. But before going home for the night, they wanted the little ones to see the ocean. They even went into the water a little bit.

“It was great. The waves felt good. But I won’t be back out,” she said.

This family will be inside tonight after the warning to be prepared and safe came from county leaders.

“There is a hurricane off our coast. It is not new to us,” Mayor Dale Holness said Friday during a news conference.

People in the county filled sandbags and made sure their cars and trucks had enough gas, just in case there’s a power outage.

“Bags are packed. I’m ready to be called in,” Johann Rach said.

Rach works at a hospital in Boca Raton.

She took Friday to prepare so today she can relax. She’s out to enjoy the sights of the waves before possibly going to work.

Deerfield is in Broward County, which has been hit hard by a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

“Yay. Boca Raton Baptist. Love you guys,” Rach said.

Nearby the sand, businesses are still open and families are still stopping by them. But the people who we talked to says they are prepared.

“You got to be ready. You got to be ready. We have no choice, you know,” one person told us.

Saturday afternoon and evening, the beach remained steady with families and surfers. A few rain showers came through but didn’t scare away many people from the sand.

Lifeguards were present during the day along with red flags urging people not to swim in the choppy ocean.

Ty Russell