By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Scroll through The Hungry Post’s Instagram feed (a restaurant recommendation platform), you will see dozen of shots dedicated to an initiative they created called #feedthechain.

It’s a way to help struggling restaurants stay afloat while at the same time, sending food to those who need it.

“It’s a social initiative where we buy $10 meals from restaurants and simultaneously we’re helping people that need a meal right now,” said Andrea Becerra, co-founder of The Hungry Post. “It started with a need to help restaurants and then simultaneously help other people that were struggling and are the most vulnerable in Miami.”

The chain works this way – for every $10 raised, The Hungry Post buys a meal for someone in need. That keeps the restaurants operating, delivery drivers working, gets families fed, and allows farmers to keep producing.

“We want people to understand that there are so many people affected by what’s going on in the restaurants. I’m not just talking about the restaurant owners and their staff, we’re also talking about their families, the purveyors, the distributors, delivery drivers, and more,” she said.

Many restaurants have jumped onto the program such as Harry’s Pizzeria, The Eating House, Zak the Baker, and more.

Coyo Taco, a popular eatery with locations all over South Florida and beyond, made their signature Pollo al Carbon for 50. Each meal fed five to six people.

“When I speak to restaurants I want to tell them, ‘I want this to be profitable for you and I want it to make sense for you’, so we try to do volume. We do 50 meals at a time usually,” Becerra said.

Chef Eileen Andrade owner of Finka Table and Tap in West Kendall made their super popular Vacas Fritas with pickled onions and rice.

“Last week Andrea from Hungry Post reached out to me and she said ‘hey, I just got a massive donation can you guys prepare 50 meals in two days’ and I said absolutely, every bit little bit helps,” said Andrade. “We do it with love and we’re happy that we’re doing something that means something. Of course, during this time, any business that we can get we are welcoming. Welcoming it with open arms.”

The Hungry Post has donated more than 1,200 meals to healthcare workers and others. They’ve raised more than $22 thousand to date with a goal of $100 thousand.

“We are not giving up and we’re going to keep on going and finding different ways to reach people and get them on file because this is a huge problem. It’s not going to stop overnight or anytime soon,” Becerra said.

If you’d like to donate to #feedthechain you can find The Hungry Post on Instagram, or their website.

Lisa Petrillo