MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A runaway kangaroo that was seen hopping around the streets of Fort Lauderdale on Thursday morning has been captured by police.

Fort Lauderdale police say they captured the marsupial near the area of the 1300 block and NE 2nd Avenue.

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Images from Chopper 4 showed several units surrounding the kangaroo, as police took him into custody.

Sgt. Deanna Greenlaw of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said, “There was a kangaroo running around the area. The officers responded to the scene. They, in fact, identified a kangaroo running around our community.”

Watch police bodycam footage:

One driver filmed it jumping around the intersection, making its way between cars.

“I was just trying to figure out. What do you mean it’s not a dog? How do you catch a kangaroo?” said officer Robert Norvis, who helped catch the marsupial.

Luckily, this wonder from down under was a friendly kangaroo.

“They had no other means but to put a small rope around him to guide him into the back fo the police car. Once he realized they were not there to harm him, he went into the back of the police car and may have left the officers a few little packages in the back,” said Greenlaw.

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A witness describes the entire scene as comical and says the police handled it well.

“It was hilarious, because they didn’t know what to do, they didn’t know what kind of food he ate. So they’re chasing him back and forth and trying not to get bit, but he was a friendly kangaroo and they got him inside without hurting him no problem at all,” said witness Adam Woroneck.

The kangaroo was taken to a barn where the Fort Lauderdale police keep their mounted horse units.

They had an empty stable for the kangaroo, who will remain there for now.

It’s unclear where the animal came from, but the city of Fort Lauderdale says it is illegal to have an exotic pet like a kangaroo.

The city’s code enforcement agency has already started an investigation.

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