MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An armed man who went on a racist rant, which was caught on camera, will stay in jail through at least through the weekend.

During a bond court appearance Wednesday, a judge ruled that 58-year-old Joseph Fucheck should be held without bond and he would revisit it on Monday since the holiday is coming up.

The incident happened June 14th on Little River Drive in unincorporated Miami-Dade.

A Black homeowner, Dwayne Wynn, was speaking with a neighbor across the street from his house when he saw a man, later identified as Fucheck, put a flyer in his mailbox and drive off.

After Wynn checked it, Fucheck turned his Jeep around and got out of his vehicle to confront him.

Wynn’s cellphone video of the confrontation shows Fucheck berating him with profanity while holding a weapon.

“You’re damn right I’m carrying a gun because I’m a former Navy SEAL and I was the head of the SWAT team in Hillsborough County,” he told Wynn.

Fucheck then accused Wynn of not actually owning the home in question.

“If it was your property then why didn’t you walk over there, because you’re lying through your teeth,” said Fucheck.

He then went on a two-minute rant which could be heard by kids riding by on their bikes.

Before leaving Fucheck told Wynn, “No wonder you have people getting shot.”

“We’re you about to say, Black,” asked Wynn.

“You’re stupid<” Fucheck

“Oh, that’s why we get shot, so now it’s racial too?” said Wynn.

Fucheck, who is a convicted felon, yelled the N-word as he drove away, according to the arrest report. He’s now facing assault and firearm charges.