By Ty Russell

BROWARD (CBSMiami) – On Tuesday, Broward County Public Schools gave a clearer picture of how classrooms will look when they reopen. While district leaders have not signed off on a plan, they’re leaning toward an option that’s a mix of learning at home and at school.

“We got to be able to guarantee that our students are going to get at least 50% of their learning time on campus in a classroom. That’s a goal,” said Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie.

Runcie answered questions during a break from a workshop about reopening schools.

Leaders said it will not look anything like a usual first day of school.

“We also know that whatever decision we make, it’s going to be less than ideal. It won’t be an ideal situation,” Runcie said.

During the workshop, district leaders went over several options.

One includes what’s called “staggered learning,” which is when half of the student population is at school one day.

The other will be home with e-learning. That means students will be in a classroom two days a week.

During the presentation, a school representative discussed what the plan will be for Wednesdays.

“I want to point out the midpoint of the week, Wednesday, is left as an opportunity for school sanitation and support services,” the school rep said. “Students who need additional access for on campus support can come that day.”

School leaders are shying away 100% e-learning, like what happened since spring break. The idea would be to have a quarter of the student population at each school on campus once a week.

They’re also figuring out if students with special needs may need more in-classroom interaction.

The superintendent said these are plans they’ve been working on since March.

They’re still not done since COVID-19 data is constantly changing, but they will keep working at it.

“We must find a way to reopen schools and maximize the amount of time our kids can spend on our campuses and interact with their teachers, classmates, counselors and others,” Runcie said.

Final reopening decisions are not expected to be made until August.

According to a BCPS spokesperson, the first day of the 2020-21 school year would be Wednesday, August 19.

Ty Russell