FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Broward County’s police chiefs are standing together to speak out against the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

“Broward County Chiefs of Police Association denounces the behavior and tactics of not only the four officers who have been arrested in Minneapolis, but all who subscribe to such foul tactics, disrespect of our community, and the lack of dignity for the badge they wear,” Miramar Police Chief Dexter Williams.

Williams added that he wants the protesters to know they hear them.

“Our communities are voicing their disdain for the nation’s justice system, a system that has oppressed their speech, eroded their trust of equal justice, and has been used as a tool to reinforce systemic racism,” he said.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony echoed that sentiment.

“We hate corrupt and dirty cops, abusive cops, more than anyone else because it tarnishes the badge and we have to do the rebuilding for that mistrust and abuse time and time again,” he said.

“Broward County, I say again, we have work to do and we must start with the most infamous piece of this complicated puzzle, the eradication of bad cops. No one hates a bad cop more than a good cop,” said Williams.

The Miramar chief laid out a five-step promise of action, The promise includes the eradication of bad cops, a review of “use of force” policies, and to educate officers on bias, systemic racism, and cultural sensitivity. It also calls for training and tracking the behavior of officers and the building of trust, legitimacy, transparency, and accountability.

“Welcome to the party,” said Jasmen Rogers Shaw with Black Lives Matter. “We’ve been demanding these things for a long time.”

Rogers Shaw has been working for change for years. She’s pleased to see movement, but believes more needs to be done. She would like to see police department de-militarized and some of the money reallocated. “How are we going to take some of this money away from additional riot gear, additional militarization and maybe put it into community organizations or put it into schools directly back into the hands of people,” she asked.

Ted Scouten