MIAMI (CBSMiami) – During the coronavirus pandemic, many people are having a hard time keeping food on their tables and that includes food for their four-legged friends.

That is why Miami-Dade County Animal Services held another drive-thru pet food distribution Thursday in Miami Gardens.

“Today we’re giving out exclusively pet food and dog food to Miami Dade County residents so that they can feed their furry friends at home,” explained Flora Beal of Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

When each car drives through, they are asked how many pets are in the home and what size are the pets so they can receive the appropriate size dog food.

Miami-Dade Animal Services pet food distribution held on June 4, 2020. (CBS4)

“We know that the need is strong out there. You’re having trouble putting food on your tables, and also putting food in the bowls for your beloved furry family members, animals are humans’ best friends,” said Beal.

She says the best part of the giveaway is seeing all of the pets who are receiving the food.

“Some of the furry friends actually come out, say hello to thank our staff and volunteers for the generous donations of food that they’re taking into their homes. So it’s really nice when they come through and we can actually see where the food is going and who they’re feeding it when you have pets in your home there. They’re not just animals and companion animals. They’re really a member of your family.”

Beal says it’s important to always plan for pets.

“So you know you plan during a crisis for your pets the way that you would for your family members and you worry about keeping them fed and keeping them healthy during this time of crisis.”

The food was donated as part of the ASPCA COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Initiative.