By David Sutta

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Much of South Florida is still soaked, with Tuesday’s stormy weather causing havoc for drivers and homeowners.

In Miami Springs, you couldn’t tell where the road ended and yards began.

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Over in Doral, rush hour traffic turned into a river cruise.

Across South Florida, the rain water collected quickly Tuesday afternoon.

North Miami and Miami Shores were sinking under the waves.

Things got so bad, firefighters were called to the rescue in Miami.

Loretta Figureoa’s black car floated down the road near the ramp at 79th Street and I-95.

“I thought I could do it. I was trying to hit the gas and it turn off.  And then after that I started to panic and somebody in truck opened my door,” she explained. “And when he opened the door, it was like all the water over me.  And I went out of the car swimming, literally.”

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Hialeah firefighters coming to the rescue on Okeechobee Road, where drivers could literally stand on their car rooftops.

Tow truck drivers made easy money as cars were plucked out of the water and stacked anywhere dry. Though new drivers quickly took their place.

Even Miami-Dade’s jail had its own moat.

Drains across South Florida seemingly appeared to just give up.

It was the kind of weather you just could not ignore.

The ground was so saturated that in some areas you could hear water bubbling up through cracks in the asphalt.

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If you see a roadway is underwater, it is best to turnaround and find another way around it. Otherwise, you could experience a costly lesson.